Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer~ Up North

I've been able to spend a bit of time "up north".
We have a trailer that we share with my parents in the Huntsville area.
It's our little home away from home. We really enjoy the peacefulness and
quiet times when we're there. Hubby and I spent 1 week there at the
beginning of July. We had a few visitors for a night or two and enjoyed time by
ourselves too. I also got to spend time with Shannon (daughter #2) and her
little guy Logan for a couple of days. It was a wonderful time. I really enjoyed
having "Logi Bear" to myself. (well mostly) I'll be heading up again with Jan(daughter #1)
and her two girls to spend time with them on Wednesday for a few days. I'm looking forward to hanging out with them and doing crafts. Hailee already asked if we could make painted rocks. We had done that together 2 years ago and she didn't forget.
My view each morning

Our visit to Rouseau

Lush and green.

Hubby the fisherman

Chillin on the dock

Me and Logi Bear

God's wonderful creation.

A pretty  scene at sunset.

Summer of 2010, painting rocks.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pinterest Party

Last night my lovely daughters and I had our first
 "Pinterest Party" 
What fun it was! 
We each had to make something from Pinterest and share it.
Just hanging out with each other was something to look forward 
to but creating together was double the fun!
 I feel so blessed to be able to do this with my daughters.
Love you girls.
Leah was our lovely hostess.

Myself creating Jan's "cupcake card".

My contribution was "Eclair cake"

Shannon's "Scrabble Art"

Leah's "Painted Pot"