Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lots of Family Blessings and flowers.

Ryan, our last child, is all dressed up for his prom. Looking good.

Leah, our youngest daughter and Sam got engaged with the wedding set for the end of April.

Lauren Elise, our youngest grandchild turned 1 today! Love her fuzzy hair.

A bleeding heart in the garden.

Some pretty hens and chicks.

A bee on the flox.

Monday, June 13, 2011

All Over the Place

Well, my initial idea of doing 3 days a week of set themes hasn't been working very well. My life right now isn't really structured. I'm still trying to figure things out.
The WingDing was disappointing. It was forecasted that there would be about 1 mm of rain. Well not so! It poured for 2 hrs. Needless to say I did sell some things including my blue trunk to a previous customer who also awhile back bought another cool wooden box that she is using for a wood box.
Both trunks have sold now. The blue one at the WingDing.

The same customer who bought the blue trunk had purchaed this wooden box last year.

Sold this cute owl.

Two of my favourite flowers. Lily of the Valley and Lilacs.

Pretty blue vases.

A great blue hinge top jar.

Summery strawberry tin.