Wednesday, December 8, 2010


What an awesome day it was at the store on Saturday!
There are many reasons. 
1.My favourite reason is that the family was altogether helping me.
2.The sales were great! We sold lots of furniture as well as gifts.
3.The weather was perfect.
4.Alot of people showed their concern for the store closing and asked me what the plans were for the future
which was nice.
5.Dan put a tractor in the parade of lights and drove it most of way with 2 of his grandchildren beside him.
6.Having chili and soup upstairs in the loft for supper. 
Main Street Christmas  is probably what I'll miss most about leaving the store.
It's become a family tradition. Oh well we'll just have to make a new one.
Thank you to everyone for a wonderful day.
Also thanks for the pictures,  you know who you are. : )

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