Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fix Up Friday(Even though it's Saturday)

Oh well, a day behind is better than nothing.
I finally got around to sewing the pillows today, that I had posted about here.
I have been introduced (thanks S) to pinterest and have been inspired by so many 
different things. It's really neat how much info is out there and how many wonderful ideas
people have. Pinterest is like your own bulletin board of favourite things from the
web. You can categorise your boards so it is easy to find your pins. For example I
"pinned" this which gave me an idea to make the pillow shown below.

Burlap pillow with a gathered muslin band and rosette.

My daughter pinned this which gave me this idea.
Two of the pillows that I made from one pillow sham.

This was the underside of the pillow sham. I had fun making rosettes.
Proud of myself, 4 pillows completed today!


Shan Van said...

What!? THOSE ARE SO CUTE MOM! So jealous. Good job. I was itching to make those ruffle pillows, but do not have the fabric or the sewing machine. Two essentials! LOL.
Love them.

Teresa said...

Thank you. ;)