Thursday, July 14, 2011


What a gorgeous summer it has been so far. Especially when I have it off. I just came back from our trailer "up north". I went with my parents for a couple of nights.Our family really enjoys going up and just sitting back and relaxing.
Daisies are summer to me.

This says relaxation.
A view from the lake, looking up.
I have some projects that I hope to work on for the upcoming "Christie Antique Sale" which I hope to attend in September. I'll have more info in another post as far as the location, date and times. Unfortunately I've lost my charger for my camera so for now I don't have pictures of the actual piece that I'm working on but I have some shots of inspiration shots that I'll share.
I have a piece almost exactly like this but in MUCH worse shape.

Check out the Frosted Gardener if you need some inspiration for painting furniture.

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