Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Over

I had my final day of the Country Lane Treasures Christmas Sale yesterday.
Overall I did well and am pleased with the outcome. I think this is the last sale here at the barn.
I might do some shows next season but we're going to be getting out of the furniture.
It's hard to transport furniture and also awkward and heavy. We're going to continue selling
more unique and smaller items at Christies and maybe some other outdoor sales.
Something to work on for the new year. I'm happy to be able to still attend auctions and to be able to "treasure hunt". I love doing this. Also hubbie and I enjoy doing the auctions and sales together.
So we'll see what the new year holds.
 I've been playing around with For the sale I posted on different Facebook pages and tried to change the picture with the info each time I posted to make it interesting. I enjoy that. It's pretty simple to figure out, which is what I need. Give it it a try sometime.

One of the Facebook postings using ipiccy.

Another posting.

Sold this beauty.

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