Friday, May 24, 2013

A Move in Sight in the Future

I've been at a stand still lately, not really knowing what to blog about. I have found a new subject and 
I'm so excited! We will be moving to a beautiful property in the summer.
I love so many things about it.
It has alot of trees around it. The house has character.  I'll be getting a new kitchen. The location is perfect. It isn't  far from our existing house so everything we do, church, bank, grocery stores, the mall etc. will be the same.
It's more private. There's a chicken coop and a space in the barn where I can set up a shop to do my flowers. I can go on and on. The funny thing is we weren't even looking seriously! I find it amazing and give God all the credit for leading us here. Thanks to Him!

Our house with the for sale sign

The pretty apple tree in bloom.

The side porch at the new house, a view out of the screen door.

A view out of the living room window at the new house.

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