Friday, March 19, 2010

Chalkboard paint.

I've been wanting to make my own chalkboards using old frames for awhile now.
I went to Canadian Tire and found sprayon Chalkboard paint and
am going to give it a try. So far I've refinished a frame, now I have to
cut a piece of plywood to fit the frame and then spray it.
Below are a few inspiring pictures of chalkboards.

This is the frame that I will be using to do my first chalkboard before I refinished it.

Here's the after without the chalkboard.

Here's the paint I bought.
This has a fancy frame. Someone on another blog said they sprayed right over an old painting.
They first primed the painting before putting on the chalkboard paint.
This is a little much for my taste but I like to tweak ideas to make them my own.
I like the little shelf with the knobs below that. A very multifunctional piece!!
Can you imagine doing a whole wall??? Not sure about this one.
Quite a large one.
I like the repurposed window.
So clean and fresh looking.

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