Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well, I finally started to decorate the store.
It was really hard to get into it. 
The sun was shinning so brightly through the windows. 
I had the door open with fresh air blowing in.
I always like to completey change the look of the store
so I do put a little bit of pressure on myself.
I didn't really have any ideas, the longer I looked around
and started to put out a few items the more inspired I became.
You'll have to come by and check it out on Saturday.
I need my hubby to help me with the moving of the heavier furniture 
so he's coming on Thursday evening to help out. Talk about
 cutting it close!!! I always say I work best under pressure.
Here's a few more Christmas items to tease you.

Decorating Tip # 5
Fill a lantern not just with a candle but with little pinecones, acorns
and small evergreen pieces.


Shan Van said...

Aww, mom I think you bought that bird merry christmas for me. I may just have to buy it! :)

Country Lane Treasures said...

I did think of you when I saw it.
The price is right!