Friday, November 12, 2010

One More Day

Why o, why, do I do it?
Procrastinate that is!!! 
Wow, I still have alot of work to do today!
Hubby and daughter came last night and helped me.
So thankful for that!
Below is a unique lantern/wreath/star holder. It is actually multifunctional
Decorating Tip #7 
Use birch bark logs, cut to size to use as a candle holders,
surrounded by a wreath.

 Two tips in one day! Tip # 8 
Use your glass plates or even silverplated ones to put a lantern on and again put a
wreath around it or some fresh evergreens and pinecones.
 That's it for now folks. Off to make muffins for the Open House. Have a great day!

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