Thursday, May 26, 2011

Holland - Architecture (Part2)

The houses and streets of the towns of Holland are just beautiful! Everything is so well kept, neat and tidy. Since Holland is an old country there are alot of old buildings still around. I just love the arches and the windows and the gardens and the cobble stoned streets.

A lovely courtyard.

Lots of details to take in.

The town square of Den Burg Texel.

Note the cobble stone street and the tiled roof.

Nice big windows and interesting arches above them.

Gorgeous homes on the canal in the town of Dokkum.

This is the back of a home on the canal, wonder what's behind that tiny window?

Nice green and lush vines surrounding the door frames.

A view of the town of Dokkum.

Parking along the narrow street in Dokkum. Ours was the bright blue car, very identifiable!

Amsterdam, note the bikes parked all over.

A houseboat among the buildings in Amsterdam.

Another street in Amsterdam.

Such a beautiful country.

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