Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Holland (Part 1)

I've totally been enjoying my holiday in Holland.
We had really nice weather the first week. The second week hasn't been as nice.
We (my parents and husband) spent our first week on the island Texel.

This is where my dad was born and lived till the family immigrated to Canada in 1954.
The island is really beautiful. You have to take a ferry across from DenHelder which takes about 20min.

On the way over to Texel we had our first dutch cup of coffee and a fresh dutch pastry that is filled with almond paste. So good.
There are alot of sheep here. Alot of them graze along fenced in areas along the dike. They make great use of all the land. There is alot of agriculture from flowers to vegetables.

Bikes are a staple here. The land is so flat  which makes biking much easier here than in Ontario. The wind can be a challenge though.

The village where we stayed was called DenBurg. It was a really unique village. The streets are centered around the centrum. It is quite confusing to drive there. Walking and biking are a much easier choice. There is so much to see and so many quaint shoppes to visit that walking is just fine.

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Looks wonderful mom!