Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another Year

Well a year has passed(almost) since I've closed the store.
It's been a year of reflection, of pondering, of wondering.
(They have almost all the same meaning. LOL)
I started out in my location, "our barn" with a 3 week sale in the spring.

It went well. Hubby and my boys pulled it together and made it a welcoming
place to sell my wares, complete with my tree. Over the summer we continued
to go to auctions and stock up on our furniture. I continued to "treasure hunt"

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the infamous Wing Ding. The washout! 
Believe it or not I'm going to give it a try again in May.
In September, Hubby and I set out to the Christie Sale in Dundas loaded to the rafters!

We enjoyed the show and we had awesome weather. 
We will return in May and give it another try. 

We learned that some people actually stay overnight in their vehicles or trailers.
I don't think we're that adventurous!

To end the year we had our Christmas Sale. It was held for 3 weekends.

I love decorating and setting up for Christmas. It has a cozy and warm feeling. year we'll see what awaits me. I've been checking out a few options.
Kind of exciting. Till then. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

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