Monday, October 1, 2012


Not a very exciting title for this post but I couldn't think of just  a few words to describe my love of fall. I love the coziness of fall, getting out my warm clothing, slippers and my thicker comforter for the bed. At the same time I can still have the window open in the day. It's so nice to come into my room in the late afternoon and smell the fresh, cool air.  I especially love the beautiful colours that God has painted in the forests and in the sunrises and sunsets and the flowers (weeds) that are  blooming on the sides of the roads. Of course pumpkins, gourds and fall mums have to be mentioned too. I wish at times that I could be able to paint what I see, I can't so instead I take pictures of the things I love. Just with my point and shoot camera but hey it works for me.

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