Monday, September 12, 2011

                 Christie's Antique Sale Results
We had a great day at the sale. For one the weather was absolutely perfect. Hubbie and I ended up making 2 trips to the sale, one on Friday night with a load and back again on Saturday morning with a car load and truck load. We left at 4:40am on Saturday!!! The sale opened at 8:00am, I happened to go to the office to ask a few questions, passing by the main gate at 7:45 and there were about 50 people waiting to get in! On Friday, we just dropped off our load, wrapped a tarp around it and left. So on Saturday we had  alot of work ahead of us. Mind you I love to set up the displays. A lady even complimented me on our booth. Being our first sale I was flattered. We did well as far as the sales went. Many "smalls" sold(check out my previous post on smalls). No dressers sold which made me nervous thinking that we wouldn't be able to fit everything in our vehicles for our return trip home. But Dan being the master packer did it!! I was so proud of him. We really enjoyed ourselves and will hopefully return in May for the next sale.
Dan the Man

My cute visitors with Santa who by the way was $3000!!!

He knows how to do it.

A hello from my Uncle Henry and Aunt Dea. So nice to see them.

Our ladder shelving.

Our booth

Old bucket

A buffet with pretty pink glassware.

Another view of the booth.

The awesome sunset on Friday night. We just made it before nightfall to unload our wares.

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